Icon Craft


Create your own icons and cursors from your pictures


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Are you tired of your icons? It's time to create your own ones. Show off your creativity and give a new look to your desktop.

If you want to create new icons, Icon Craft is the tool you need because in just two steps you will be able to create a great icon.

It is housed in an intuitive and easy to use interface which clearly shows how the process is.

You can choose if you will use a image or you will create a new one. Then choose the shape and format, of course you can apply some effects and decide the sharpness, opacity, lightness, saturation,...

In addition you can also create and edit smooth semi-transparent icons, static and animated cursors for Windows XP.

It supports ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, GIF, PNG, TGA, WMF, WBMP, XPM,... when importing and exporting creations.

Find, extract, create and edit you icons, cursors and manage icon libraries

and image lists thanks to Icon Craft.

The trial version lets you save up to seven creations.

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